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The Health value of a part is the amount of damage that it can sustain before being destroyed. All parts will turn increasingly darker and duller to roughly indicate how much armor is left. Note that efficiency of a part also relies on Heal rate. All robots require cubes to connect the different functional parts as well as to defend. Though some rely more on electroplates for defense, cubes are still required to attach them to your robot. Armored Cubes do not overclock, rendering them weaker compared to overclocked guns late in a game.

Types of Armor[edit | edit source]

Armored Cubes are the standard form of armor in the game. They are used as the skeleton, support, and structure of a bot, as well as for cosmetic purposes. Since Armor Cubes are cheap cpu-wise, it is recommended to use them over electroplates at lower levels.

Block Type Armor Heal Rate Price In Robits Weight in kg CPU Lift
Cube 2100 2.00 10 15.0 1
Edge 1892 1.90 10 7.5 1
Corner 1604 1.53 10 2.5 1
Inner 2043 1.95 10 12.5 1
Edge Round 2024 1.93 10 11.8 1
Corner Round 1907 1.81 10 7.9 1
Inner Round 2083 1.98 10 14.2 1
Edge Slope 1667 1.59 10 3.2 1
Corner Slope 1344 1.28 10 0.8 1
Inner Slope 1882 1.79 10 7.2 1
Cone 1718 1.64 10 3.9 1
Pyramid 1781 1.70 10 5.0 1
Cube with C6 Logo 2100 2.00 100 15.0 1
Cube with CARBON Letters 2100 2.00 100 15.0 1
Rod Short 6300 2.00 300 3.0 3
Rod Long 11500 2.00 500 5.0 5
Rod L Shaped 6300 2.00 300 3.0 3
Rod Diagonal 2D 8400 400 3.0 4
Rod Diagonal 3D 10500 500 3.0 5
Helium 3150 1.00 600 2.5 6 1138 kN

Electroplates have a regenerative shield that acts as a second set of armor points, called Shield points, that must be depleted before the actual electroplate may be damaged. They are often used to protect important or weak points of a bot, such as movement components and the seat. When overclocked, electroplates require less time to regenerate and the shield value increases. Electroplates have a high CPU cost which goes up with each consecutive shield (for example: B shield has more CPU cost than shield A). The same applies for the Shields and Armor values though, so you should think wisely about how many electroplates, as well as which tier, you pick to place on your robot.

Triforce armor is a tactic that uses mainly prisms and tetras to channel damage away from vital components in a bot (Tessaracts).

Tanks may want to choose solid armor (as opposed to triforcing) as their main defense, as it will likely come down to pure armor in a team brawl. Tanks may decide to have some electroplates, but are not usually fully clad in them.

Flyers may elect to use electroplates as a defense against rail cannons, as they have a high resistivity value, and make it more difficult for a rail to destroy or disable them.

Removed Blocks[edit | edit source]

With the release of the Full Spectrum Release of the game, a very large overhaul of the entire damage system and cost structure was undertaken. This historical information is available on the Removed Blocks sub-page from this article if you're curious about the history of RoboCraft.