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Badgers have recently been sighted on the former Earth colony of England after 100 years of being presumed to be extinct. It is assumed that these are Earth badgers introduced by the Englander colonists. Use of E14 assets to prevent badgers from being harvested by CF-Alliance forces is completely unfounded.

Interplanetary Badger Federation[edit | edit source]

The Interplanetary Badger Federation (IBF) is a charity organisation that provides badger adoption services. Badger adoption is offered for $328,000. It is unclear what kind of badger related services are provided.

Bang Bang Badgers Inc[edit | edit source]

Bang Bang Badgers sponsors advertisement of IBF badger adoption services, and may have a vested interest in maintaining the IBF's charity status. Bang Bang Badgers deny manufacturing megabots for the CF-Alliance. Bang Bang Badgers Inc have been found guilty of using badger fur for mattress stuffing without their customer knowledge and have had their charity liscense revoked.