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Reason: Detailed mechanics are severely outdated and the section is now relegated to "history"

This is the algorithm that determines rewards given to players after every battle.

Types of Bonus[edit | edit source]

Direct RP Gain[edit | edit source]

  • CPU Destroyed – Destroying (i.e. completely removing) the cubes of an enemy Robot. This includes ‘chunks’ of Robot that fall off due to separation.
  • Kill – If you deal the killing blow to an enemy
  • Assist – If you deal more than 25% of the damage to an enemy, but someone else kills them, you get an assist. You also get an assist for healing more than 5% of an ally. This only works once per ally per game.
  • Heal CPU - Healing an ally with the Nano Disruptor increases your bonus. It is equivalent to CPU destroyed.
  • Allies 100% Healed - Each ally that is healed to 100 percent yields an extra bonus of a similar value to a kill or assist
  • Spot - Using the q button to spot an enemy bot gets you a spot bonus
  • Scout – If you have an enemy radar on your Robot, and your radar is the first to detect an enemy, you get a scout bonus
  • Protonium Destroyed - Each individual crystal from an enemy Fusion Tower or Protonium Reactor counts as 1 point. This includes ‘chunks’ of Protonium that fall off due to separation. Only Battle Arena
  • Base Capture – You get a bonus if you are on the base when the progress bar of a base capture passes one of the 4 segments of capture. You can get a maximum of 4 base segments if you are on the base from start to finish. Only Team Deathmatch

Crates[edit | edit source]

  • Robocraft now uses a crate system, getting a higher score gets you a better crate and better items. All items you get are random

Multipliers[edit | edit source]

  • First victory of the day awards twice the RP if you win and survive a round in any Gamemode once that day
  • Premium awards twice the RP
  • Every other player with premium brings an additional 5% buff to the RP winnings at the end of the match
  • Hero Bonus doubles your, halved because your bot was destroyed, RP, but only if your team wins

Goals[edit | edit source]

The goals of this system are:

  • To reward players who are skillful at making advanced battle Robots and skillful at piloting them in combat
  • To ensure a reward for everyone who participates in battle, who gets stuck in, who fights
  • To ensure that gaining Victory is worthwhile
  • To discourage exploitative play styles and less fun emergent game-play such as ‘AFK’ing’, ‘Gun-chairing’, Hiding’ and ‘Base Racing' (without fighting at all)
  • To ensure the game continues to remain an increasing challenge at higher Tier, but also reducing how ‘hardcore’ this is
  • To reduce the delta between a massive win and a massive loss, so your average income is more ‘steady’

History[edit | edit source]

Detailed Mechanics WARNING : This section is based on the original post by the devs on the 10/07/2014. Much of the information here is out of date, but most of it is still relevant as a basic outline of how the reward system works.

WARNING: The rest of this page explains the actual formula that was formerly used to calculate the bonus. You do not need to read it and understand it to enjoy Robocraft, you just need to build good battle Robots and be awesome in combat for that. But, in the interests of transparency for those that enjoy analyzing and geeking out, here are the full details below.

Battle Ratio[edit | edit source]

The ‘Battle Ratio’ is split into three parts, the ‘Base Ratio’, the ‘Bonus Ratio’, and the ‘DeltaScalar’.

Base Ratio[edit | edit source]

Each bonus attained is multiplied by a ‘Base Ratio Value’. The table below shows typical values.

Bonus Type Base Ratio Value
Enemy CPU Destroyed 0.00314
Kills 1.0
Assists 1.0
Scouts 0.01
Base Segments 0.01
Bonus from Premium 5

The total of all the bonuses multiplied by the ratios gives the ‘Base Ratio’ total. This value is capped at a maximum of 1.

The ‘Base ‘Ratio’ is designed to ensure that in order to get the full Victory or Bravery Bonus you must do a base minimum of activity in combat. The bar is set low, get a kill, get an assist, damage half a Robot, and even getting damaged yourself contribute to this.

Take the example of a player who dives into combat, damages 25% of an enemy and then gets 75% damaged themselves and killed. The Base Ratio rewards the efforts of the brave pilot with a minimum bonus.

Take a second example of a player who hides for the entire match, hoping to let the rest of the team gain victory. Since no damage was caused, or received, that player will receive no base bonus, since they didn’t really participate in the battle.

Bonus Ratio[edit | edit source]

The ‘Bonus Ratio’ works like the ‘Base Ratio’ except the value is not capped. This ratio is aimed at rewarding players for all actions in battle, so if you do a lot of damage, kills, assists, base capture, scout, etc you get it all on top of your ‘Base Bonus’.

Bonus Type Base Ratio Value
Enemy CPU Destroyed 0.00314
Kills 1.0
Assists 1.0
Scouts 0.1
Base Segments 0.25

Unlike the Base Ratio, the Bonus Ratio rewards Base Capture and Scouting more, and does not reward taking damage at all.

Take an example of a player who gets 2 Kills, 1 Assist, 1 Base Segment, and 1 Scout, and Damages 1 Robot, the ‘Bonus Ratio’ value will be 4.35 (approx).

The Final Total[edit | edit source]

The Final Total is equal to:

(Base Ratio + (Bonus Ratio x Delta Scalar) ) x (Victory Bonus or Bravery Bonus)