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Chassis Block
Movement Block
Hardware Block
Special Block
Cosmetic Block
Use this to build your Robot.
~ Robocraft in-game description

Chassis cubes are the basic building blocks of Robocraft, which comprise the basis on which you build your robot.

Types[edit | edit source]

Chassis Cubes
Build the bot's Chassis

There are four basic types of cube, each with its own properties:

A basic cube used to create the main body of your robot.
A cosmetic used to make cockpits. Has the same stats as comparable chassis cubes. Can only be bought with 100 robits.
These blocks are lighter than air, so they can provide upward lift and useful for airborne robots. Especially drones, which are controlled by thrusters rather than wings or rotors. They take up more CPU than normal blocks (6 CPU per block).
They have less mass and equivalent health per CPU, than chassis cubes, but only two connection points (useful for flyers).

Shapes[edit | edit source]

Basic building cubes come in seven basic shapes with varying behaviors. Note that ALL shapes of cubes worth the same 1 pFLOP and 1 ranking, only health, mass, and heal rate are varied. Round and Slope blocks have slightly higher or, respectively, lower values than their straight cut counterparts.

The basic block, these make up the majority of most builds and can be attached to on all sides. These cubes have baseline health and [[mass.
Slightly less mass than the standard cube. These blocks have one corner shaved off, helping in cosmetics or where a slight mass reduction is required. Blocks can still be attached to all sides. These cubes have 97.5% of the health of a full cube.
Round[edit | edit source]

A rounded version of the Inner cube

Slope[edit | edit source]

A sloped version of the Inner cube

(previously – Prism) A wedge shaped block which cannot be attached to on two of the six sides. Half the mass of a standard cube and is useful for making sloped surfaces. These cubes have 95% of the health of a full cube of the same tier.
Round[edit | edit source]

A rounded version of the Edge cube

Slope[edit | edit source]

A sloped version of the Edge cube

(previously – Tetra) The corner shaved from the Inner. These blocks are very light but can only be attached by three sides. These cubes have 92.5% of the armor of a full cube of the same tier.
Round[edit | edit source]

A rounded version of the Corner cube

Slope[edit | edit source]

A sloped version of the Corner cube

Similar to the straight Corner, but one edge is square and not triangular.
Similar to the straight Corner, but one edge is rounded.

Damage interaction[edit | edit source]

Chassis Cube health value are now modified by overall Robot Ranking (at least as far as the game community knows).

Knowing that when you take damage, it splits to other cubes that are connected to the one affected, placing them in a certain order can give you certain advantages and more resistance to heavy firing.

The triforce armor redirects the damage in a horizontal row. Usually, to create this formation you will need edge blocks. When you take damage from a shot on this formation, only the two blocks on the left and the right will absorb the damage. The first of each side will absorb 50% of the initial damage and the second will take even less damage. This type of armor formation is very strong against lasers since it will take a lot of time to drill through it.

For a better understanding, visit Triforce Armor and Design Strategy.

Triforcing can serve as an alternative to electroplates, which are weaker in health per pFLOP, but can regenerate damage and are more compact, allowing you to place cubes underneath. Even with heavy electroplating, it is advisable to have as many CPU invested in armor blocks to prevent a rapid death if the enemy hits something other than your electroplating.

With relatively recent addition of regeneration triforcing might be even more advantageous than electroplates.

Removed Cubes[edit | edit source]

With the release of the Full Spectrum Release of the game, a very large overhaul of the entire damage system and cost structure was undertaken. This historical information is available on the Removed Cubes sub-page from this article if you are curious about the history of RoboCraft.