Front-or-Back Cube Behavior

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When rightward steering is input, the robot would rotate leftwards as the rear wheels would be facing towards the right. Rear-steering wheels should be turning in the opposite direction.
When another pair of wheels is placed, the game would acknowledge the former as 'rear' and the latter as 'front'. The rear wheels will now face the opposite direction of steering input, allowing the robot to turn as expected.

Front-or-Back Cube Behavior is a mechanic which is applied to Movement cubes to determine which way they steer. If this is not taken into account, you may find your bot not turning the way you want it to, or even the opposite direction. Each type of movement cube on your robot will steer around a turning center which is the geometrical center of all of that type of movement cube. All cubes on that center or ahead of it are assumed to be 'front' and any behind are 'back'.

Steering Wheels, Hoverblades, Walker Legs and Thrusters[edit | edit source]

If you have only one pair of a steerable wheels on your robot], the game assumes they are at the front and makes them turn in the same direction as left or right steering input, respectively, even if they are placed at the back of the robot. This is undesirable as rear-steering wheels are supposed to rotate in the opposite direction of front-steering wheels. The same mechanic applies to hoverblades, walker legs and sideways facing thrusters. When another pair of wheels (steering or otherwise) are placed in front of the initial pair, the turning center is moved forward and so the steering wheels turn the other way, causing the robot to turn as expected.

Rudders, Aerofoils[edit | edit source]

The same mechanic applies to rudders, aerofoils except that it applies to pitching up or down (Space and Shift). Having only one pair of rudders, aerofoils would also make the game assume they are 'front' mounted. When placed at the rear, pressing space would send the aircraft's nose down instead of nose up, and vice versa upon pressing shift. Rudders and aerofoils placed in the vertical orientation on the front and rear surface will have their control surfaces locked, and so will not provide turning or pitch control.

Note however that vertical thrusters do not follow this logic. (cf e.g. this forum post) Pressing Shift will activate all downward thrusters, regardless of their placement on the craft. Respectively, pressing Space will activate all upward thrusters. Thus on a plane, pitch thrusters are useful in the front of the craft only.

Caterpillar Tracks[edit | edit source]

Caterpillar Tracks steer by applying forward/reverse thrust on either side of your robot. As such they do not have this mechanic applied to them.