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GJ 1214b is a super-earth water world exoplanet of Gliese 1214.

GJ 1214 has a habitable zone capable of supporting life, however GJ 1214b is too close with a mean orbit of 2.4Gm resulting in a mean surface temperature of 400K (120°C). Presumably the sectors that E14 is operating in are at the cooler poles. The reasons for their presence there are not clearly defined, but CF-Alliance clearly wants it for themselves.

There has been evidence up to the early 21st Century that mankind still found valuable resources born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combined that was worth facing foul and fair weather to mine the frozen heart.
~ E14 employee handbook "GJ 1214b: On being a Snow Man"

Maps[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • GJ 1214 is the star in the sky of GJ 1214b and it is not correct to call it the Sun, it should be called Gliese
  • The light from GJ 1214 appears to have the same color as the Sun as seen from Mars this is not correct.
  • GJ 1214 is a dim red dwarf, and is about 0.003% the brightness of the sun, though considerably brighter than a full moon on Earth. GJ 1214b should be dimly illuminated and to require headlights, night vision, or night flight avionics.
    • Without headlights it may be too dark to see very much... except the things with headlights and guns.
    • With headlights you can see the terrain, and everyone can see you.
    • Headlights, glowing cubes and hardware, tower lights, and weapon fire would be the significant source of illumination
    • Headlight dazzle would be much worse.
    • Shadows would be more concealing.
  • GJ 1214b is in very close orbit around Gliese (about 0.016 AU or 2.14Gm) should take up about 1/6th of the sky.
    • GJ 1214 has a radius of about 143551.2km, about 0.2064 of the sun, giving a diameter of 287102.4km
    • GJ 1214b orbits GJ 1214 at 2.14Gm (2,140,000km) once every 38 hours
    • GJ 1214b is probably tidally locked and only one face faces Gliese.
    • GJ 1214 would have an angular diameter of 7.675303 degrees.
    • The Sun and the Moon have an angular diameter of about 0.5 degrees from the earth.
  • There has been signficant CF-Alliance propaganda and misinformation about the location of GJ 1214b.
  • In the game code, GJ 1214b is called Planet_Neptune.

Sky in another world[edit | edit source]

Artists impressions of GJ 1214b:

The Moon over Observation Hill from Earth
A dodgy photoshop recreation of Gliese in comparision