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Gliese Lake, previously known as Ice Lake, is Sector-01 on the planet GJ 1214b, and one of the maps in Robocraft.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Gliese Lake.jpg

The map is divisible into three distinct sections that lead from base to base:

Central Hill[edit | edit source]

This section has elevation that increases toward the center of the map, tapering off to a circular plateau. A steady incline runs from each base to the center, with flanking entrances from the Frozen Mesas and Ice Lake facing a considerably steeper slope. Some "walls" are here forming short barricades, providing good cover from attacks from the other sides. However, these area are susceptible from flanking. As the defending team will find it hard to retreat because the "walls" sometimes block their path.

The Ice Lake[edit | edit source]

The namesake of the map is located in the northeastern section, or top-right on the mini-map. The space is dominated by sizable expanses of slick ice, rendering wheeled transportation extremely treacherous and risky. The ice lake is largely flat and open, with very little in the way of protective cover or hiding spots. Robots are obliged to seek what little high ground or cover is available, or find other means of approach, rather than risk traversing the ice lake, wheels or no wheels.

Frozen Mesas[edit | edit source]

The southwestern section of the map, or bottom-left on the mini-map, is recognizable by the extremely tall ice mesas that tower above the surrounding terrain. The ice towers provide significant cover and make plasma tanks considerably more threatening due to the claustrophobic alleys that severely restrict most robots' evasive abilities. SMGs' anti-air capabilities are also greatly limited due to the mesas' height, which obstruct any line of sight on assailing bombers.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Land vehicles should make every effort to avoid entering the ice lake. In the event the entire team elects to rush through the ice lake, land vehicles should take the middle route (keeping right) and make every effort to support the team with minimal contact with the ice. One false move, one accidental collision could possibly strand a wheeled vehicle on the ice lake for the remainder of the match. The best course of action would be to take the middle route, as has the fewest obstacles to overcome as well as the smallest slopes.

In turn to using a ground vehicle, any vehicles that go above the ground (flyer, hover, etc.) are not affected by the ice lake, which makes them good for going straight into battle on any route.

Note that the map gives a slight edge to the team starting in the northwest, as the northwest of the ice lake has both higher elevations and less ice to deal with, on top of the fact that wheeled vehicles from the southeast team are forced to drive to one opening between the ice and the cliffs north of their base. This makes flanking from the southeast hard as a few competent spotters on the northeast team can quickly mark enemy movements on the ice lake.

The ice mesas are best suited for plasma tanks that can capitalize on the claustrophobic environment to inflict additional splash damage. It is, however, inadvisable for plasma tanks to enter the ice mesas alone, as there still lies the danger of encountering SMG gunbeds or opportunistic aircraft that can quickly tear lone plasma tanks apart before they can abuse their advantage. Avoid entering the ice mesas with a combined force of fewer than three robots.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Flying straight into ice may cause the robot to be permanently stuck inside
  • The glacier that borders the ice mesas in the lower-left corner of the mini-map is penetrable to an extent. Robots may intentionally pass through the glacier and thus become camouflaged behind the ice textures.
  • The hitboxes for many of the glaciers are misaligned, causing frustration to bombers and anti-air alike.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gliese of refereed in game code and planet Neptune.
  • Youtubers, such as Lathland, refer to this map as the 'cursed map', because of it's overall unfairness, and struggle to use flyers without getting shot down.