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General Information[edit | edit source]

Heal rate is a mechanic in Robocraft which represents the ratio of how fast a particular cube is healed by Nano-Disruptors and by the Fusion Shield.

Heal-Rate[edit | edit source]

Every cube in the game has a ‘heal rate’ value. This value increases or decreases the ‘health per second’ rate of a Nano Disruptor or Fusion shield depending on the type of cube being healed. Armor, Rotors, Aerofoils and Tank Tracks will heal a massive 2-3 times faster, whereas Electroplate Armor will heal almost 2-3 times slower than before the mechanic was introduced.

How quickly a cube is healed is determined by its health, the power of the Nano Disruptor or Fusion Shield being used, and the ‘heal-rate’ of the cube. Some cubes heal faster than others.

  • Tanky cubes such as Rotors and Tank Treads heal quickly.
  • Electroplates now heal much slower and Armor heals much faster than before. Aerofoils also heal very fast (relatively). Many cubes have different heal rates.

Table of heal rates[edit | edit source]

Image Block Heal rate
Chassis Cube 0.35 + 0.15*Tier
White prism.png Chassis Slope 0.39 + 0.14*Tier
White tetra.png Chassis Tetra 0.37 + 0.16*Tier
White inner.png Chassis Inner 0.35 + 0.16*Tier
Wheels 1.00
Hoverblades 1.00
Thrusters 1.00
Aerofoils 2.00
Rudders 2.00
Legs 2.00
Caterpillar Tracks 3.00
Skis 1.00
Rotors 3.00
SMGs 1.00
Plasma Launchers 1.00
Rail Cannons 1.00
Nano-Disruptors 1.00
Tesla Blades 0.25
Electroplates 0.35
Enemy Radars 1.00
Radar Jammers 1.00
Radar Receivers 1.00
Headlamps 1.00

Sources:[edit | edit source]

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