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Lock-on Missile Launcher

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Lock-on Missile Launcher
Long-range heavy support, anti-air
Lock onto a target for a period of time, then fire.
~ In-game description

The Lock-on Missile Launcher is a type of hardware cube that has lock-on targeting, a relatively low rate of fire and high damage. There is only one variant.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Lock-on Missile Launcher locks onto a target, much like the Proto-seeker. The missile launcher automatically starts to lock on to targets when the player aims in their general direction, and achieves lock-on only if the player keeps pointing the opponent for three seconds. When locked on, it can fire rockets until your power runs out, and these will follow their otherwise hectic trajectory towards their target automatically, so you can "fire and forget". It is possible to fire missiles without locking on, but in that case they are very inaccurate and unguided.

Players that are being locked-on receive a warning that indicates them from which direction the missiles are coming. Fast and agile vehicles are able to evade rockets even on a flat surface. Rockets seem to have limited travel distance or in-flight lock-on dependency (more research required), since often they disappear mid-flight, if the target has found cover.

The missile launcher works the best as an anti-air weapon, due to it's lock-on feature, distance requirements (rockets tend to be inaccurate at short and even medium range) and lack of cover in the air.

When being used against Protonium Crystals, this weapon functions poorly because of it's low rate of fire and relatively high energy consumption. Because of this, secondary weapons are usually favoured to do more damage against Protonium Crystals.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Image Name Price Robit.png Health Health CPU Load CPU Mass (kg) Mass Damage Per Hit Energy Consumption Per Shot Single Gun Fire Rate Per Second Max Fire Rate Max Fire Rate Count Blast Radius (m)
Lock-on Missile Launcher

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Missile Launchers were added in the Missile Launcher Update on the 3rd February 2016.
  • Lock-on Missile Launcher is commonly abbreviated to LOML.