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Many maps in Robocraft share a set of common structures between them, this is a list of these structures:

Citadel[edit | edit source]

A citadel on a bluff overlooking the map.

Citadels are complex buildings that seem to be made of a metallic substance. They lack the flat top of towers which makes them impractical as sniper nests. There is always one citadel on each map. Citadels can be climbed by walkers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

At the moment, the tops of Citadels make a good reference point as to the maximum flight ceiling for most robots. The collision mesh seems to be off for some.

Reactor[edit | edit source]

A friendly reactor in full health.

This is the heart of the Fusion battles mode and is surrounded by Protonium crystals. If all the crystals on your own reactor are destroyed, the base explodes spectacularly and the other team wins. The Reactor has four columns of 7 connection points all evenly spaced from each other.

Fusion tower[edit | edit source]

One of the 3 fusion towers in the map.

These structures exist in Fusion battles. They are key components to the battle serving many benefits when captured by destroying all the crystals inside. A special cover protects the crystals from long range attack and a hole in the top allows attacks on the tower from fliers.

There is two rows of attaching point you have to destruct for getting the tower, each in opposite side of the other.

Fusion Shield[edit | edit source]

A friendly shield operational.

These shields exist in Fusion battles. They surround the fusion reactor and protect it from being attacked by the enemy team, as they cannot shoot through it. You can shoot through your own shield while on either side, enemies cannot shoot into it, only out. This prevents long-range attacks on the Reactor. The enemy's shield is disabled if all 3 Fusion towers are under the control of your team, and vice-versa. While inside your team's shield, all bots receive a constant minor healing effect. The shield will also deactivate if the match lasts for more than 30 minutes, and will not reactivate.

Base[edit | edit source]

A friendly base at the beginning of a round.

The Base is the heart of Classic mode, and the location of the spawn point. It is distinguished by a giant transparent disc in the ground and a beam visible from both sides of the map. There is a base for the Blue Team (your team) and the Red Team (their team), each colored accordingly.

Tower[edit | edit source]

A cluster of towers showing the different sizes, styles, and colors.

Towers are tall golf-tee shaped structures that seem to be made of a metallic substance. Towers are often lit up from below with colored lights. They appear on most of the current maps as white circles when views from overhead. The large flat cap of a tower is a good location for rail cannon robots that have the capability to fly up to them, and provides significant cover from ground fire.

Bridges[edit | edit source]

The underside of a bridge.

A bridge is a structure built to span physical obstacles such as a body of water, valley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle.

Bridges in Robocraft are semi-transparent blue structures and have a couple of noted 'features':

  • Bridges over ice have the same loss of traction effect as the ice below them; possibly a bug.
  • Another likely bug is that burst damage from Plasma Launchers is not clipped by the bridge. Hiding below a bridge will not provide complete protection from aerial bombardment; being on top of a bridge will not provide complete protection from fire coming up from below.
  • N.B. Being able to shoot and deal damage via burst isn´t a bug, it is wanted to make it harder to keep away from being unshottable. The burst damage isn´t so great, so it is only serious if your bot is small or not well built.

Barricade[edit | edit source]

One of the many barricades throughout the map.

A barricade is any object or structure that creates a barrier or obstacle to control, block passage or force the flow of traffic in the desired direction. Barricades are a terrain feature found in Robocraft maps that appear as translucent blue panels embedded in the ground. They can not be driven or fired through, but Hovercraft can ascend to pass over them easily. They provide cover for low profile bots, and can be fired over if a bot has elevated guns that clear the top of the barricade. Barricades can be seen through.

Barriers are marked T57 and are indestructible.