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Matchmaking is the system used to put together teams for multiplayer battles.

The matchmaking system attempts to create fair teams, with players of as close skill, level and CPU as possible. It used to be based off of Tiers (and later sum of ranking of individual roboparts)

Platoons[edit | edit source]

All players in a platoon must successfully enter the queue for the search for other bots to begin. A red notification will appear if a player in the platoon is queued, and you are not. It will appear in the upper right and consistently beep at you until you have entered the battle or until nobody in your platoon is queued anymore. If one is queued and in a platoon, and at least one other player in the platoon is not, the notification will appear blue and tell you you're waiting for your platoon. If all are queued, it will appear as green and say entering queue.

Platoons will queue into the game type the Platoon leader selects.

Having a platoon in a battle will most likely make the teams uneven.