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New to Robocraft? Here's how to get started quick.

Building Your First Robot[edit | edit source]

Firstly, we are going to select the 3 starting robots and dismantle them. This will remove all of their blocks and parts, which we can then use to create our robot.

20160415170106 1.jpg 

Next, we are going to open a garage to work with. Select one of the now empty slots at the bottom and click play, then click edit robot.

Building Controls[edit | edit source]

The keyboard controls are very simple.

  • "Q" Opens/Closes your inventory which holds the blocks you own.
  • "C" opens the Cube Forge which can be used to buy parts with Robits that are earned by selling items from crates earned from battles.
  • "M" Turns on mirror mode - Use this mode while building as it reduces build time. (It basically means you can build half your robot and the other have is copied)
  • "[" "]" These move the mirror mode line left and right.
  • The arrow keys move the entire robot around the build area.
  • "," "." Move the robot up and down.

(Controls may have changed in an update. Go to settings to change them to whatever key you want or use this setup.)

Start Building[edit | edit source]

We are going to start with a Laser Robot. Press the M key to turn on mirror mode, Next press Q and select the cube block from Chassis. Use left click to place the blocks. (Remember to build with the front of your robot facing the arrow, as this is the direction your robot will move in battles). Make a small base for your robot as seen below.

20160415173104 1.jpg 20160415173514 1.jpg

To add movement (Wheels) to it, we can go back to our inventory (press Q) and go to the movement Menu on the left. Select the Steering scout wheel and place it on the sides of the robot.

20160415173904 1.jpg

We now need to select the Cube armor block again, but instead of selecting it from the inventory again we can simply aim the crosshair on to one of the cubes and press the mouse button 3(click the scroll wheel) or press the F key, and it will change the selected part to whatever is being aimed at.

Lets change the color of the blocks now! This is very simple to do. By pressing 1 and 2 on the keyboard switches between the build tool (1) and the paint tool (2) Press 2 to get the painting tool up, Use the scroll wheel to select the color, we can left click to change the color of one block or hold right click to change the whole robots color.

Next press 1 on the keyboard to get back to the building tool. Try building another layer on top of the one already build and to cover the pipes on the wheels, as this will add protection to your robot, makpping it harder to kill.

20160415174834 1.jpg

You can now add weapons to your robot. Place 4 blocks with a space between them on top then go to your inventory (Press Q) and in the side menu (Hardware) click on the Top Laser Wasp and place them on the 4 blocks as seen below. (Assign them to the first slot, these different slots will be used later when we are using different weapons together.)

20160415175123 1.jpg

You can now add more Cubes if you would like (Middle mouse button or F on a cube to select it) or we can use a different block, the Edge block. Press Q to open your inventory, in the menu chassis select the Edge block. The blocks orientation can be turned by using the scroll wheel on the mouse. After this, try adding another layer of guns behind the first. (Make sure that these guns are higher than the first or they will block the bullets)

20160415175914 1.jpg

Now you can test this bot in single player! Press Q so that you can use your mouse and go to PLAY then Single player. After this, go back and build the robot as you see fit. Once you're ready, go to PLAY and Battle Arena or TDM or Elimination to start a match against another team of players.

Looking for something more advanced? See the strategy section.

Battle Arena[edit | edit source]

This is the main game mode to play. It's very simple, the objective is to capture Fusion Towers and destroy the enemy's Protonium Reactor.

Battle Tips

  • Press Q while aimed at an enemy to spot it, this gives a small bonus of XP and allows you to see the enemy over cliffs or walls.
  • Press F to flip your robot over if it lands upside down.
  • Press TAB to show the score.
  • Press Left Control at a location to alert your team to that location

Fusion Towers[edit | edit source]

Below is a Fusion Tower. Capturing these will help you win.

Capturing 1 tower will active your base's Fusion Shield, which will heal any allied bots in its range, and prevents enemies from shooting your Protonium Reactor unless they are inside the Shield.

2 towers will slowly start to Overclock your parts, making them stronger.

3 towers lower the enemy's shield.

20160415234430 1.jpg

  • You could destroy all of the crystals in the Fusion Tower to capture it, or, shoot the "connectors" on each side of the Fusion Tower. The latter is much faster, and is recommended.

20160415234545 1.jpg

More tips!

  • Respawn times increase (up to 90 seconds) with Overclocking and in-battle time. Don't rush! Try to get to a medic or to your Fusion Shield for healing in the late game.
  • When your Fusion Shield goes down, watch out for cliff campers near your reactor.
  • Fighting enemies in their own fusion shield is not recommended, since the enemy will be practically immortal (Because of the constant healing coming from the fusion shield) except if you fight them while in a group.
  • Fighting an enemy rail in their own fusion shield is an exception.
  • Leave an enemy disarmed, then damage them occasionally to deny them healing, but also beware of other enemies coming for their friends.
  • Be reckless for the first part. When you get to OC level 7 you should start to be more careful.
  • Go in one large group. A large group will have better chance to win the game quickly than many individual, uncoordinated ones.

Construction Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Half the battle is won not on the field, but in the construction bay. Remember that well!
  • You may visit the Community Robot Factory to take inspiration from higher-rated bots, and even buy them.
  • At least a basic understanding of physics is necessary to construct a bot in Robocraft.
  • Good Robot Balance is key.
  • Tipped-over robots are a common sight with players in lower tiers. Avoid this by making your robots bottom-heavy, or by expanding your wheelbase and/or track.
  • When building your bots, try not to place your weapons right behind each other. The rear weapon will automatically not fire in its sequence therefore lowering your fire rate (thanks Smart Weapons). Lift/put the rear weapons higher than the front weapon to solve this problem.
  • Thrusters increase both your acceleration and top speed. Note that robots are governed by a coded speed limit. When Overclocked the maximum speed is increased, however.
  • Heavy Hovercraft are slower than Caterpillar Tracks. Consider your mode of transportation wisely.
  • Avoid building long "arms" or single line of cubes to put a weapons or other parts. These arms are susceptible against 1 shot, as well as any parts that are put on them. If you have to make them, thicken the "arms" or use electroplates to cover the "arms".
  • You can press "P" to enter Practice Mode, where you can test your robot in peace.
  • Build the Robot the way you want to and have fun.

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]

Everywhere[edit | edit source]

  • Press Q when aiming at an enemy bot to spot them. This alerts the rest of your team of the target's location and health. This help your team for planning better strategy and help to focus firepower in destroying it!
  • Pressing Q while targeting an enemy bot puts the bot's location on the Minimap and should always be done.
  • Pressing Q while targeting an enemy allows for greater team coordination (have you started pressing Q yet?).
  • When flipped over, press F to flip yourself over again. This called Alignment Rectifying. The flipping process takes 3 seconds and you can slowly move / rotate your bot so you can position your bot better while flipping. Take note that you can't shoot while flipping; your bot will glow bright blue while slowly turning, making it so enemies can shoot you with impunity. Note: Flipping does not work in awkward or tight locations, but the slow movement and rotation can attempt to alleviate that.
  • With Lasers, there is a special method ideal for sniping known as "Tap-firing", where you fire once or twice, let the reticle narrow and repeat. Do this by tap-clicking your mouse. However, damage decays at longer distances. (See Laser Cons)
  • Though the Laser is a fully automatic weapon, resist the urge to hold down the mouse button to "spray and pray". The Laser does not have infinite range or accuracy.
  • Cover is your friend. Ideally, you should position your robot so that only the guns poke up over your cover, allowing you to fire a much smaller silhouette. This method called "Hull-Down".
  • Stick together! As it is said, "Two is better than one." A team that fights together will have far better chances than if separated.
  • If you wish to battle together with a friend, consider creating a Platoon.
  • If the situation permits it, flank your target from an unexpected direction while they are occupied with another task.
  • Go for the guns and the movement parts when fighting. This method called "Disarming" and "Crippling".
  • Medics are the keystone to every team. Destroy the enemy team's medics and preserve your own even at the cost of your bot.
  • Pressing Q while targeting enemies also alerts enemies, appears as a big exclamation mark flashing in the middle of their screen. But don't worry, the enemy won't know who actually spotted him/her. Refrain from spotting until you have begun your attack or if you feel that additional positional information would be useful to your team.
  • If there is an enemy destroying a Fusion Tower, then spot them. Through this, you can judge whether you want to do a tactical retreat back to your base to counter their forces before they attack your base, or you can set a trap and wait for them to drive into it unprepared.
  • If you are a medic, check the Minimap periodically for groups of friendly robots near the enemy base. This can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Alternatively, go with that group in the first place.
  • If you are a medic, then sometimes, going offensive is better then defensive (read : healing). If an enemy is punishing your teammate while you heal them, it can be worth it to push the attacker back by attacking him. Continue to heal after the attacker retreats. Because of this, it is recommended to put other weapons besides Nanos on a medic, at the cost of precious CPU.
  • Understand your robot's weaknesses. Knowing your robot's weaknesses can be the difference between life and death.

Classic Mode[edit | edit source]

  • When destroyed, press the Escape key to return to the Mothership to jump into another battle to fight for more Robopoints!

Piloting tips[edit | edit source]

  • Avoid ice if your only method of transportation is wheels or treads; you can get stranded easily!
  • Don't ram other people. The collision could send you veering off or even get you stuck together.
  • Practice piloting your new vehicle for a bit in Practice Mode to get the feel of it before going into combat.
  • Learn how your bot handles and reacts to your controls. Every bot and every form of movement can greatly differ! Even small changes like adding helium or thrusters can drastically change the way your bot handles.
  • If you are a walker and only have one leg left you can still move relatively effectively. You can rotate with the W and S keys and go forward and backward with the A and D keys. In another words, key bindings to turn around and moving forward/backward is exchanged.