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The Robot is your fighting vehicle in Robocraft. Prior to every match all players construct their own robots in a Garage Bay. You may only have one robot per garage bay, though you may only have a max of 100 bays. Robots may be uploaded and purchased using the in-game features for robits, currency obtained by selling items gained from crates, or previous purchases.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The robot can have any form (including Robot Art), limited only by your available parts, CPU usage, and your imagination. There aren't any arms currently in the game, but beyond that, any robot type is available (see Robot Archetypes). The robot's capabilities are determined by several statistics:

  • CPU: The overall amount of parts your robot can have. Determines which bots you will be fighting against, so the battle can be fair.
  • Mass: How heavy the robot is. Affects inertia, stability, ability to fly, etc.
  • Damage: How much damage the robot deals.
  • Health: How much damage the robot can take.

The Mass, Damage and Health of a robot are determined by the type and location of the components used to construct the bot.

Each robot has a name. The name is first given by the garage slot number. For example, garage 1 would have the name "Robo1". You can change your robot's name by going into the garage menu, typing your new name, and pressing enter. Your name is displayed at the beginning of a battle, in the garage, and on any robot name banners placed on your robot.

The maximum robot size possible is 2000 CPU. In an older version, the mega seat/mega module multiplied your CPU by 5 in order to create mega bots (also outdated).