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Spotting, also known as "tagging" or "pinging", is a feature available during combat. Spotting is one of two means of locating enemy robots on the map, the other being Enemy radar, which has limited range and can be jammed. By holding the crosshairs on an enemy robot and pressing the spotting button (default is "Q"), the following will occur:

  • A red sign appears above the enemy robot indicating
    • Username
    • Health
    • Overclock level (in appropriate game mode)
  • A radar signature on the minimap (bottom right corner of the screen) that denotes the spotted enemy bot's location appears to the everyone on the spotter's team regardless of radar or jammers
  • The player to whom the spotted robot belongs will be shown a red exclamation mark at the bottom of their screen and hear an audible buzz, warning them that the opposing team is aware of their location.
  • An audio broadcast that declares: Spotted. Is heard when a team member or you spot an enemy.
  • Spotting is rewarded with extra points towards crates at the end of the match
  • Spotting has a 5 second cooldown if you attempt to spot with out a target. The indicator is a ! symbol in the left of the screen.
  • Disables the robot's Self-Destruct mechanism while it is still under the effect of Spotting.

Official Release Notes[edit | edit source]

The way you spot enemies and reveal them to your team mates is changing, bringing a new level of team play to Robocraft!!!


  • Push ‘Q’ to ‘Spot’ an enemy that you can see when your cross-hair is on or near an enemy
  • You can ‘spot’ enemies at any range, but must have line of sight to them
  • When you ‘spot’ an enemy your allies are notified via a ‘blip’ on the HUD map accompanied by a sound
  • When you have been ‘spotted’ by an enemy, you are notified by an ‘exclamation mark’ icon in the HUD and a sound effect
  • ‘Spotting’ has a cooldown, so you can’t spam the ‘Q’ button whilst scanning the fog, if you miss, you have to wait 5 seconds to try again
  • Sometimes when an enemy is spotted, voice over will say stuff like “Plasma Bomber spotted” or “Rail Drone spotted” or even “Gunbed spotted”, but we will limit how often this VO plays to prevent it getting annoying and prevent it overlapping when lots of enemies are spotted at the same time
  • A ‘spotted’ enemy, stays spotted for around 15 seconds. If re-spotted, the 15 second ‘spotted’ duration will reset but a sound won’t be played


The ‘red tag’ system has been overhauled to allow more stealthy play, and to allow for more team play by introducing a new ‘Spotting’ system.

  • Put your target crosshair on an enemy and push ‘Q’ to ‘spot’ them
  • ‘Spotting’ an enemy will display the red tag for 15 seconds
  • ‘Spotting’ an enemy will also alert your team mates with a ‘blip’ on their HUD map, a sound effect, and some voice over from your robocom saying “Spotted”
    • NB: The VO will be upgraded for the next launch to tell you information about the enemy also (i.e. “Gunbed spotted” or “Rail drone spotted”)
  • If you miss with the ‘spot’ you will not be able to attempt another spot for 5 seconds, this is to prevent ‘spot spamming’
  • If you are the first to ‘spot’ an enemy, then you will get the ‘Scout Bonus’
  • You can ‘spot’ enemies multiple times to keep their red tag on screen
  • Enemy Radars and Receivers now make the red tag appear even when you are behind a mountain
  • Radars make the tag appear for you if the enemy is close, and Receivers will pick up the tags from your Allys radar making these cubes types, and Jammers also more useful
  • Jammers do not ‘jam’ manual ‘spotting’ though (i.e. by pressing ‘Q’) as that is simply the Pilot’s eyes observing the enemy and communicating via Robocom to your team mates