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BreachedBadge.png The feature described in this article has been removed from the game due to an update.
The article is kept for historical purposes
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Every robot has a tier. That tier is defined by the Robot Ranking of the cubes it has. Each cube has a robot ranking, which is added up to determine the tier.

Robots[edit | edit source]

In relation to robots, tier refers to the eleven cumulative thresholds on a bot's robot ranking (RR) and is used as a simple estimate of said robot's potential in battle. A bot's RR is always equal to the total robot ranking of all its cubes. The increasing RR limits of each tier scales with the RR of components, so using cubes of a higher tier than the intended Tier of the robot will leave less Robot Ranking for other components, and using lower cubes will leave more robot ranking for other components. In general, higher Tier cubes perform better than more cubes of a lower Tier. (same use in newer updates,shh the devs are close)

Thresholds[edit | edit source]

Tier Maximum Robot Ranking Maximum CPU
Tl1.png 1,000 532
Tl2.png 3,000 641
Tl3.png 10,000 750
Tl4.png 30,000 859
Tl5.png 100,000 968
Tl6.png 350,000 1,077
Tl7.png 1,000,000 1,185
Tl8.png 4,000,000 1,294
Tl9.png 13,000,000 1,403
Tl10.png 35,000,000 1,511
19,000,000 7,555

Tier Gauge [OUTDATED][edit | edit source]


The Tier Gauge can be seen on the bottom of the screen when in a Garage. The Tier the garage's robot is currently in is displayed in blue. The bar below indicates precisely where the robot is on its way to the next tier; the bar is a display of the total combined Robot Ranking value of the parts used on the robot. The Tier Gauge is an effective way to show players how far they have left until the next tier; however, there are no numbers indicating the current garage's robot ranking value. The next underline will turn blue when the progress bar is a small distance into it. The gap between bars is part of the lower tier, but may confuse new players by appearing as it should be into the next tier.

Tiering Up[edit | edit source]

Progressing to the next tier requires that bot uses more robot ranking than the current tier allows. The most effective way to increase its robot ranking is to upgrade its armor, and then weapon cubes as well as movement. Also, adding more guns or an extra pair of electroplates increases robot ranking. The next tier will usually include robots that are at that Tier's upper limit(s), so saving up money to upgrade as much as possible simultaneously is a good strategy. Not properly upgrading and expanding a robot in a bid to rush to T10 may have a negative effect on its performance and lead to unnecessary frustration of the player. The higher tier the cubes are, the more they affect your tier.Higher tier armor cubes will also cost more and weigh more, so if you have a tier 4 flyer and you use Tier 4 thrusters but use tier 6 Cubes, the thrusters won't push you much, So as you tier up make sure to upgrade your movement equipment as well! Electroplates and other equipment Will consume more CPU as they tier up. High tier electroplates will recharge after a cooldown time if you don't take damage.

Cubes (Outdated)[edit | edit source]

Progression of wheels from Tier 1 up to TX-1.

As cubes increase in Tier they become progressively better at their roles. Everything has more armor, movement systems become faster and can carry more weight, weapons do more damage per shot, electroplates shield more damage, and enemy radars, radar jammers and receivers experience a boost in their range and output. Components become progressively larger throughout the eleven tiers, and electroplates continuously change shape, which will in turn necessitate a bigger or redesigned bot at some point. Many functional cubes increase in size at every odd-numbered tier, with even-numbered tier cube being the same size but having a yellow styling, better stats, and more RR.

Chat[edit | edit source]

The highest Tier of robot ever built by the player also affects how the player's username appears in chat.

  • Tier 1-5: The player's username will start as a white color, without indication of tier.
    2015-05-14 00007.jpg
  • Tier 6-9: The player's username will appear blue in the chat, with the highest number tier the play has achieved as a prefix.
    2015-05-14 00008.jpg
  • Tier 6+: Players will be able to use hex codes to edit the color of their chat messages.
    2015-05-14 00011.jpg
  • Tier 10: The player's username will appear gold in the chat.
    2015-05-14 00009.jpg
  • Tier X-1: The player has achieved the Megaseat TX-1, and the player's name will appear gold in the chat.
    2015-05-14 00010.jpg

Tier Descriptions[edit | edit source]

  • Tier 1 - 5: These tiers are the learning Tiers. Your name in chat is white and you are unable to use color chat codes
  • Tier 6 - 9: These tiers are the intermediate tiers of robocraft. These can use color chat codes and have a blue chat name
  • Tier 10 - X1(11): These are the Top Tiers. These tiers have a golden-orange like chat name.

Text Formatting[edit | edit source]

Upon constructing a Tier 6 robot, the player is allow to modify his/her chat text in various ways. Here are examples:

Color Codes

Here are some color codes that you can use in chat.

All of these codes must be typed in chat before the message, like so:

Will produce:

Make sure you have no spaces after the brackets or in between the square brackets, as this will not work.

Please note that these aren't the only colors you can use, as the chat uses the standard Hexadecimal code. Read more on that at Wikipedia's Web Colors article.

A simple color wheel with Hex codes.
  • FF0000 - Red
  • 00FFFF - Cyan
  • 0000FF - Blue
  • 0000A0 - Dark Blue
  • ADD8E6 - light blue
  • 800080 - Purple
  • FFFF00 - Yellow
  • 00FF00 - Lime
  • FF00FF - Magenta
  • FFFFFF - White (pointless)
  • C0C0C0 - Silver (Also sort of pointless)
  • 808080 - Grey
  • 000000 - Black(Black)
  • FF9900 - Orange
  • 663300 - Brown
  • 800000 - Maroon
  • 008000 - Green
  • 808000 - Olive

Other formatting

In addition, there are several ways to format text other than colors. Examples:

  • [b] produces Bold Text
  • [i] produces Italic Text
  • [s] produces Strike Text
  • [u] produces Underline Text
  • [sup] produces Superscript
  • [sub] produces Subscript

Do note that these, along with color codes, can be stacked together to produce different effects.

Multiple color codes after another is also acceptable, provided they are separated by at least one character (With the exception of space).

Robot Ranking[edit | edit source]

Robot Ranking is an arbitrary number given to all cubes scaling roughly how effective that cube is in battle, with values ranging from as little as 0.5 to more as much as 100,000 points. The sum of the robot rankings of all cubes attached to a robot is then used to determine a robot's Tier for participating in matches.

  • The higher the robot ranking of a bot, the closer it is to tiering up.
  • The robot ranking protects people from over tiering too heavily. You cannot bring a T10 plasma, into a T1 battle. The game engine would not allow it.
  • Robots in Tiers 2-6 (and on occasion 7 and 8) can participate in Challenge Battles as test subjects randomly reassigned from Classic matches.
  • Robots in Tier 6-10 can join Challenge Battles as a boss or as a member of a boss platoon.
  • Subtract 5 tiers off your current tier to know what tier enemy robots you will be facing as a boss. This may vary however, depending on your overall robot rank, as well as your boss platoon's total rank.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Cubes can only be unlocked with Tech Points from the appropriate Tiers. However, these blocks may be used in lower tiers so long as the robot's total Robot Ranking is low enough; this is known as Overtiering. Due to robot ranking, players can only 'overtier' a few cubes before the robot exceeds the desired Tier. The basic trend is weapon tier + 3 is the max overtiering.
  • It was formerly necessary to type /msg before the hex code, and players from any tier could use colored text. This was changed in an update.
  • It's a good idea to hold back from tiering until you have gotten enough tech points to afford everything available for 2 reasons:
  • 1: So that you dont lack anything when you come back to experiment (like you want to build a bot with tier 8 railguns but the only guns you have are t5 guns and no tp left)
  • 2: New content will ALWAYS cost tech points to get so having adjacent blocks unlocked and tech points to buy it is always a welcome relief.