Tihonium Canyon

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Tihonium canyon is one of the Mars maps in Robocraft. It appears in battle and classic game modes.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Tihonium Canyon.jpg

A relatively small map centered around the eponymous canyon and a large bridge over it. The bridge provides direct access between the two bases, becoming a natural choke point for both teams. It's not unusual to have half of each team trying to destroy each other fighting over the bridge. Tributary canyons on each side of the map are narrow, but surrounded by high walls. With little cover, each has the potential to become a natural slaughterhouse of robots.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

With confined spaces and very high elevations, fighting on this map tends to focus on the close quarters aspect thereof. The high central elevation and natural crowding of enemy players around the map also makes the life of satellites and airplanes difficult, as a Rail Cannon robot on the ridge is a natural defense against pretty much any airborne target that doesn't have ridiculous maneuverability.

A robot with Legs has the advantage to be able to rush around the high ridges to attack the enemy base. However, in that position they are extremely susceptible to Plasma Bombers (and possibly Interceptors) as there is very little cover up there. On the other hand, there is little cover anywhere on this map, so caution is advised.

The bridge is a choke point, and thus, it is a very important strategic location. Its elevation and central location allow the occupants to attack pretty much every corner of the map, as well as flyers. Watch out for incoming plasma fire from Bombers but also plasma fired straight from the enemy base. The arc of plasma allows it to be fired two spots behind the bridge that can't be seen easily.

The small path North Westerly of the bridge is very important for traversing the coverless low lands quickly as it contains no craters and can be used for flanking attacks in bridge standoffs.

Attacking and defending[edit | edit source]

Both attacking and defending work the same, due to the near symmetrical layout of the map. Plasma launchers shine in the cramped, narrow canyons, resulting in what's basically sudden death: The first person to fire wins. Chain shredders also excel in surprise-attacking enemies from around corners, if you spin them up before the enemy knows you are there. SMGs are a versatile weapon, with Rail Cannons being the only ones with limited use. They are not completely useless, however, as they are excellent in the central canyon and in picking off airborne targets. With the abundance of cover against these types of robots, AA operations become, if not easy, then much more convenient.

The southernmost alley way is partly covered with rocks and offers some protection from flying bots. For the south-west team, it's possible to reach the last corner of the alley and catch the other team in a cross fire. The corner provides good cover to retreat or to get healed.