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About Robocraft

Robocraft is a free online game where you can build awesome robots from cubes, jump in and drive them, and then take them into epic battles online. Want to jump right in? Here's a quick start guide. Don't have it yet? Here's the solution:

Download from Steam or directly from Freejam, register an account, and play!

Practical Robotics


Armor  •  CPU  •  Damage  •  Mass  •  Robot ranking


Chassis  •  Movement  •  Hardware  •  Special  •  Cosmetic


Types of Robots  •  Game modes  •  Maps  •  Fair play  •  Game terms  •  Hints


Matchmaking  •  Bonus Engine  •  Cube Placement  •  Tier  •  Front-or-Back Cube Behavior  •  Heal rate


Bugs  •  Trouble shooting  •  System requirements  •  Robocloud  •  EAC

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