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Movement Block
Special Block
Cosmetic Block

Chassis cubes are the basic building blocks of Robocraft, which comprise the basis on which you build your robot. These cubes can be aligned in various patterns to create different armor types.

Types of Cubes[edit | edit source]

There are four distinct types of chassis cube.

  • Health Cubes are the most basic building blocks for your robot. They come in a multitude of shapes.
  • Light Cubes are similar to health cubes. However, they are lighter, provide less of a health boost, and cost more CPU.
  • Glass are variants of some basic cube shapes. They are transparent, and have the same stats as their respective basic cube. Glass is considered to be a cosmetic cube, and therefore will not be featured on this page.
  • Helium are cubes that provide lift. They have slightly higher CPU than basic cubes.
  • Rods are long pole-like cubes that come in various shapes, and can range from three to five blocks in length.
  • Struts are much like rods, except they are larger and have more armour.

Health Cubes[edit | edit source]


Health Cubes

Costs: 10 - 100 Robit.png
Sell Price: 1 - 10 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 3 - 30 Robit.png

The most basic building blocks for your robot. They come in a multitude of shapes, and, with practice, can be arranged in specific patterns to create powerful armour.

Helium[edit | edit source]



Costs: 600 Robit.png
Sell Price: 150 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 450 Robit.png

A cube that is filled with helium, as the name suggests. It can be used to stabilise a robot, or to help it jump farther by floating.

Rods[edit | edit source]



Costs: 300 - 500 Robit.png
Sell Price: 75 - 125 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 225 - 375 Robit.png

A rod-like cube. They vary in size and shape. Rods have lower cpu compared to their mass than the same amount of basic cubes. They excel and re-routing damage flow and create light armour for aircraft.

Struts[edit | edit source]



Costs: 2,250 - 3,750 Robit.png
Sell Price: 563 - 938 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 1,688 - 2,813 Robit.png

Much like rods, but they are larger, heavier, and have more cpu. Struts look great when used cosmetically, and can be used to re-route damage.