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Community Robot Factory

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The Community Robot Factory (or CRF) is a place that allows players to upload their robots for others to buy. In doing so, the uploader earns 25% of the Robits that others spend to purchase their bot. The upload price is zero.

Note: Renting has been removed. You now "buy" bots from the CRF.

Uploading your bot[edit | edit source]

  1. At the garage in which your robot is held (example: robo13 in garage 13) you need to click a small yellow button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Key in your robot's name and description. Take note that it is impossible to edit these after you've uploaded your bot.
  3. Click the checkbox after you've read the terms of submission.
  4. Click the upload button.

You can have up to 25 of your own robots in the CRF and ALL of your creations last for 60 days. You can't upload anymore vehicles if you've reached the limit. Uploading your bot does not result in you losing it, nor does it result in bot modifications should you decide to alter the robot in your ship.

Deleting your bot[edit | edit source]

Deleting a robot from the CRF frees up 1 slot from your upload inventory. This can be done by previewing your bot (as described in Renting a bot further below) and clicking 'remove from shop'. It will no longer appear in the CRF and any player currently renting it will no longer be able to renew their rentals or purchase it.

Pricing[edit | edit source]

The factory automatically prices your robot.

Browsing the CRF[edit | edit source]

Click the 'new robots' button on the rightmost side of the top taskbar to enter the CRF. Scroll by clicking and dragging the scrollbar on the right edge of the screen, or using your mousewheel.

List order and filters[edit | edit source]

The listed robots can be ordered by combat rating, cosmetic rating, date added and robot ranking.
CRFactory finding robots.png
'Show my bots' displays your robots currently available in the CRF

Renting a bot[edit | edit source]

Robocraft logo.png The items described in this article have been removed from the game. This article has been kept for historical purposes.

Mouse over a vehicle's name to preview its description and rating. Click on the magnifying glass icon to inspect the vehicle in 3D view. The amount of times a robot has been sold for RP/GC is displayed in the top left corner.

2015-09-20 00019.jpg

Click 'buy robot' to buy it for the stated price. After you bought it you can change the robot as much as you like. You can't, however upload a bot you bought. Your creation needs to be build from scratch to upload it. You can also disassemble the bot to put the cubes in your inventory.

Rating a robot[edit | edit source]

Robocraft logo.png The items described in this article have been removed from the game. This article has been kept for historical purposes.

After your first battle with a rented bot (now purchased), you are prompted to rate it for its efficiency in combat and for its aesthetic style.