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Ghost Module

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Special Block
Cosmetic Block

Cloaks your robot and consumes Weapon Energy whilst cloaked. Firing weapons or taking damage will trigger de-cloaking automatically. Push the loadout assignment key to activate and de-activate.
~ In-game description

The Ghost Module is a type of special cube, that allows to temporarily cloak your bot and break any current lock-ons. Only a ‘shimmer’ effect is seen by your enemy. The ‘shimmer’ effect is more visible to you and your allies, making it easier to orientate your Robot when in battle. Taking damage, firing weapon or activating another module will decloak you automatically.

Alignment rectifier and Health Regen effects are visible when you are cloaked. Doing so will have a good chance of giving away your position to enemies.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Image Name Price
Base Health
Power Consumption Cooldown
Ghost Module.png
Ghost Module 10000 51638 255 165.0 1000 per second

NOTE: Disables Weapon Energy (Power) regeneration when active.


Consumes power over time, enough to stay cloaked for 10 seconds (20 if for use with Power Booster)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Inventor of Ghost Module is CF. It's mentioned in The daily robot.
  • The Ghost Module needs the lowest power of all other modules to be actived but activating it before the bot recharges will reduce the time it will keep its cloak.
  • The Module doesn't make you 100% invisible to enemies as most people think. People who look closely will see cloaked bots. The released invisibility level was 98% but was later reduced to approximately 93% as it was to hard to see even when looking closely.
  • This is one of a handful of items added that the head five developers said would never get added but got added anyways. This is most likely due to popular demand.
  • In the Custom Games mk 1.5 Update, Ghost Modules had their CPU load, health, forge cost and recycle rate reduced. Ghost Modules were now currently the only modules to consume weapon energy.