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Laser Gun

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A machine gun-like projectile weapon
A rapid fire Laser Gun.
~ In-game description.

The Laser is a type of weapon in Robocraft.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Lasers are weaponry cubes that rapidly fire laser bolts, dealing damage upon direct impact. Individual Lasers have a low rate of fire, but with additional Lasers, the firing rate can be increased.

Pinpoint accuracy with Lasers is achieved through single shots while standing still, allowing robots to harass enemies at long distances and weaken them prior to engagement. Firing a burst or continuous stream of lasers decreases accuracy, but allows maximum damage output over a large area.

Lasers are available in front-mount and top-mount variants. Front-mounts are only capable of firing in one general direction, while top-mounts are able to rotate full circle.

Pros[edit | edit source]

  • High-firing rate
  • Easy to use
  • Well-rounded weapon
  • Decent accuracy for single shots
  • Can target specific robot parts
  • Good team weapon

Cons[edit | edit source]

  • High cost for multiple guns
  • Aircraft with Lasers are difficult to master
  • DPS falls sharply as the distance between targets increases due to bullet spread
  • Fire rate falls sharply as some guns are destroyed
  • Accuracy decreases sharply as the weapon fires continuously
  • Must lead targets

Strategies[edit | edit source]

How to Use[edit | edit source]


Aside from knowing when to use single-shots and when to use full bursts, Lasers are already very intuitive. Lasers shine in one-on-one combat. Against other Lasers, it is a matter of whose robot has more guns, and the ability of the player to target weak areas.

The Laser allows for suppressive fire and can be used to force an enemy robot to relocate. In Elimination, it is also particularly useful for resetting a base capture segment by hitting an enemy.

In battle mode, Lasers shine in destroying Protonium crystals of the Protonium Reactor. As mentioned above, Lasers have sustained fire unlike all other weapons, which allow them to destroy crystals extremely efficiently by only striking them on their connection points.

Because of the above, Laser robots are often the "Soldiers" of the team, taking hits for weaker robots while pushing in with sustained fire.


As a tank is typically more heavily armored than other bots, there is no point in playing into their design's strong point by firing into their bulk. Destroying the bulk of their weapons or all of the tracks on one side will leave them completely stuck and easily circumvented. This can be worked into respawn/regeneration denial by occasionally hitting a crippled tank with a shot or two, making the game effectively 7v8 until the enemy tank is finally destroyed or rescued.

Aircraft are the highest priority targets for Laser bots in any case, especially against plasma bombers. Eliminating or warding off air threats allows other ground units to help in an offense, rather than seek shelter from assaulting aircraft.

Plasma bots are tricky to fight, as they are extremely high damage early game and devastatingly powerful in the late game. Attempt to goad them into an attack, dodge or bulk out the attack, and fire at their weapons while they reload. This will have the effect of massively reducing their DPS against you in 1v1 situations.

Closing the gap is all that is necessary in higher tiers. Circling around them prevents their rails from locking on. Destroying them when you are near is normally easy as they are built to hide and climb rather than to defend themselves from an incoming Laser behemoth.

Come up behind them or in front of them and just blast away until they are destroyed. Do not allow any other enemy units to notice as this will make you up to target number one.

Destroy their tesla blades immediately. Tesla bots are extremely dangerous and should never be given a chance to impart their incredible damage upon you or an ally.

Targeting and distracting enemy Lasers allows for better survival of allied aircraft, which can rain damage unto preoccupied or retreating targets.

How to Counter[edit | edit source]

Lasers are particularly geared for one-on-one combat, the best counter of which is to travel in numbers. Because Lasers are particularly hampered by terrain, aircraft may abuse this to their advantage, but at the same time put themselves at risk of being shot out of the sky.

For one-on-one encounters with other Lasers, a known tactic could be aiming directly at their guns to minimize their DPS and firepower dramatically. Lasers also have good ambush potential, with the sustained fire often leaving the victim in a panicked state, especially when engaging other craft from a distance

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Image Name Price Robit.png Health
CPU Load
Damage Per Hit Energy Consumption Per Shot Single Gun Fire Rate Per Second Max Fire Rate Max Fire Rate Count
Wasp 400 7,599 10 8.4 4,367 83 4 16 4
Hornet 560 10,638 14 10.8 5,745 114 3.17 12.67 4
Blaster 1,800 13,678 18 13.2 7,715 162 2.51 10.05 4
Vaporizer 2,200 16,717 22 15.6 10,587 235 1.99 7.96 4
Disintegrator 6,500 19,757 26 18 14,843 350 1.58 6.31 4
Leviathan 64,500 97,775 250 1,000 29,429 667 4 5 2
  • The Carbon 6 variant of the Laser Leviathan costs 175,000 Robit.png instead of 125,000 Robit.png
  • The Carbon 6 variant of the Laser Disintegrator costs 9,100 Robit.png instead of 6,500 Robit.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

SMG prior to MegaBot Count Down 3
Old SMG bolt
  • The laser was the first weapon implemented in the game. Before that Robocraft was single-player only and combat was impossible
  • The Laser model has undergone a change since the MegaBot Count Down 3 (20/01/2015). The Laser was much more round and bulbous compared to the current more geometric shape.
  • The Laser bolt that it shoots has been changed since the first multilayer release, it was larger and would go through the bot instead of dissipating on impact.
  • The general name for Lasers is referred in code as KUBE_LASER.
  • For a period of time Lasers were named SMG (Subatomic Machine Gun) and had a limited range (47-52 meters depending on level)
  • Lasers used to come in "levels" instead of tiers, numbering five in total. The yellow fins and coloring on even-tiered weapons are a legacy from the S-type weapons that were added to fill the gaps.
  • T9 Lasers used to bend in the middle, instead of pivot on their mount. Floppy guns.
  • For a period of time, Front-mount Lasers had an accuracy bug, firing just above their target instead of directly at it.
  • The T4 Lasers once could only shoot forward.
  • The Carbon 6 Mega Laser was initially gifted to players who completed a special limited time event held in game. The event tasked these players with getting 100 kills where a mega SMG on the players bot landed the killing blow. The reward for this event was 6 Carbon 6 Mega Lasers for free.
  • The Carbon 6 Mega Laser is one of the very few blocks that had to be unlocked via the tech tree, but does not normally appear on it. Instead it is only made available to purchase once the player has unlocked the normal Mega Laser.
  • Lasers seem to have a barrel with the interior filled with a glass prism. The back-end possibly is a light emitter, possibly where the laser is made for the weapon. The prism could be there to concentrate the light in to a point.
  • Lasers lost their hitscan behavior in the Maximum Loadout Update on the 2nd March 2016.