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League Arena

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League Arena is a 5v5 team-based game mode, based on the casual Battle Arena game mode. Teams fight to capture "Mining Points" in order to charge up "The Annihilator". When The Annihilator reaches 100% charge, it fires an orbital strike beam, destroying the enemy team's Protonium Reactor and ending the match. |- |

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

A neutral mining point at Birmingham Power Station.

Gameplay follows the same progression as a regular Battle Arena match, as such the objectives are the same. There are three total mining points on each map. Any team's primary objective in the game mode is to capture these points. While your team holds a point, it will slowly charge up your Annihilator, while also providing your Protonium Reactor with a protective shield.

An image of the Protonite Core in-game.

The Protonite Core (aka The Equalizer) is a game mechanic designed to give the losing team a chance to catch up to the other team. It appears as a large crystal stationed at the center of the map. At five minute intervals, the Equaliser will appear for one minute. The losing team's objective is to destroy it, whereas the winning teams objective is to defend it. If the losing team manages to destroy it within this time period, their Annihilator charge will be "equalized" to that of the winning team. This means that the losing team will instantly gain as much power as the enemy team. If it is not destroyed, the crystal will retreat back into the ground, nothing will change, and the game will continue.

MMR and the League[edit | edit source]

League Arena has the added benefit of tracking a player's skill through an MMR based ranking system. Ranks are divided into five categories, with a rating of zero to five stars, as well as a respective Cosmetic, the League Badge. Rating Stars are given to players every 100 MMR. As players progress through the ranks, they will begin to faced opponents of a higher skill, and will have to adjust their tactics, and possibly the build of their robot to accommodate the difficulty.

There are five available ranks, with a rating of zero to five stars:

  • Bronze - 0 to 600 MMR
  • Silver - 601 to 1200 MMR
  • Gold - 1201 to 1800 MMR
  • Diamond - 1801 to 2400 MMR
  • Protonium - 2400 and up

The max rank any player can be is Protonium - 5 Star, denoted at 3000 MMR or higher. These players are exceedingly rare, but they do exist, and they are a formidable force to be reckoned with.