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Moderators and admins are players who volunteer to moderate the game chat, and the game itself.

Moderator Types[edit | edit source]

There are 3 moderator types:[edit | edit source]

  • [DEV] Reserved for Freejam developers
  • [ADM] A MOD with extra powers
  • [MOD] An ingame moderator

Mod Commands[edit | edit source]

Moderators[edit | edit source]
  • Mods have two commands, knows as a ‘warn’ and ‘silence’. The command is typed in this format:
  • /warn username reason
  • /silence username reason duration
  • /unsilence username
  • Used to silence / unsilence a player. A mute takes 24 hours by default, however the command has the built in function to apply sanctions of a longer period.
  • 'Reason' contains the reason a player has been warned for. It will be displayed in a dialogue that pops up on the offender's screen and will be logged on the servers.
  • CRF takedowns: moderators and admins can remove robots from the CRF by using the report robot function
Admins[edit | edit source]
  • Admins have a few additional commands:
  • /suspend username reason duration
  • /unsuspend username
  • Used to ban / unban a player. The default command suspends a player permanently, however the command allows for defining a duration of the ban.
  • /renameclan OldClanName NewClanName
  • Used to rename a clan with an inappropriate or offensive name.

Fair Play Expectations[edit | edit source]

Do note that all Admins or Moderators alike follow the Fair Play expectations, which are as follows:

No offensive usernames

  • Robocraft moderators will suspend any account that has a username that could be offensive to others, i.e. profanity, political, racism, overtly sexual, etc. Freejam cannot change usernames. Please note that this also applies to Clan names – where the leader of a clan with an offensive name will have their account suspended.

No offensive chat

  • Please do not use offensive text when communicating using the in game chat system. Any text that could be offensive to others could result in a warning or ultimately account suspension from a moderator.

No spamming / flooding

  • Please do not abuse the in game chat system by spamming/flooding, or filling it with random characters, or padding it etc. Any abuse of the chat system could result in a warning and ultimately account suspension from a Robocraft moderator.

No offensive Robots or Robot Names

  • Please do not create Robot forms that could be offensive to others such as religious or controversial symbols, offensive words, sexual objects, etc.  Offensive Robots can result in a warning and ultimately suspension of your account by a moderator.

No AFK’ing

  • Any users persistently seen not actively playing in battle, i.e. “Away From Keyboard” will receive a warning and ultimately account suspension if persistent from Robocraft moderators.

No hacking, cheating or macro-automation

  • Anyone caught and proved to be hacking in any way will instantly have their account suspended, no questions asked. Usage of software or hardware macros with the purpose of automating elements of Robocraft that should be skill-dependent are also prohibited.

No impersonation of Mods, Admins or Devs

  • Impersonating a member of the moderation team or a developer can result in a warning and ultimately suspension of your account by a moderator.

Current Admins (6)[edit | edit source]

Update 3 November 2018

  • Teyloll (Chinese)
  • Brutalbic1 (English)
  • Tommyfoxy2 (English)
  • Baerentoeter (German)
  • LoKoreeza (German)
  • Jendar (Russian)

Current Mods (29)[edit | edit source]

Update 30 May 2019

  • GregTech (Chinese)
  • MisterSoAndSo (Chinese)
  • BRindustries (Dutch)
  • ebbit (Dutch)
  • Deegobooster (English)
  • Arbitrated (English)
  • Gecko135 (English)
  • JSUInsane (English)
  • mrpythagoras (English)
  • SHOMOFO (English)
  • Jbball (English)
  • Zonefrost (English)
  • Gavatron77 (English)
  • Karillya (French)
  • Rafyfou (French)
  • DamsDelDrennon (French)
  • Big_Tak (German)
  • TeSt_PrOfIl1 (German)
  • Antoscienza (Italian)
  • pikinor24 (Italian)
  • hee_ya (Korean)
  • DixkeyPL (Polish)
  • gs8778 (Portuguese)
  • EraosBoss (Romanian)
  • erutaso (Japanese)
  • LEoREo_2247
  • shunohara (Japanese)
  • SUBSIDER77 (Russian)
  • sharkaporyum (Spanish)