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Movement Block
Special Block
Cosmetic Block

Land[edit | edit source]

Wheels[edit | edit source]



Costs: 800 - 50,000 Robit.png
Sell Price: 200 - 12,500 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 600 - 37,500 Robit.png

The most basic type of movement cube. They are fast and versatile. Wheels come in two variants: normal and steering. The normal variant can only move forward and back, while the steering variant can also turn left and right.

Tank Tracks[edit | edit source]

Skis[edit | edit source]

Hoverblades[edit | edit source]

Insect Legs[edit | edit source]

Mech Legs[edit | edit source]

Sprinter Legs[edit | edit source]

Air[edit | edit source]

Wings[edit | edit source]

Rudders[edit | edit source]

Rotor Blades[edit | edit source]

Propulsion[edit | edit source]

Thrusters[edit | edit source]

Propellers[edit | edit source]