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Party[edit | edit source]

Party is the system in Robocraft where up to a maximum of 5 players can join and fight together. Players have to invite their friends manually to join their Party.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Party icon

Once people are in a Party, they must all enter the queue before anyone can play. Party members can only battle simultaneously, so the Party will not enter a battle until everyone is queued for battle.

Whenever a Party joins a game, all members of the Party are on the same team. Users who are in a Party will have a coloured (orange, yellow, blue, purple etc.) party icon next to their names, signifying what Party they are in.

The Party Leader can invite players, and can kick players from Party. Alternatively, Party members can leave at their own will. Current Party will show in the upper left corner.

You can use chat in a battle and in the garage to talk to your Party.

After won (or not) battle, Party recieves Party Bonus, that gives up to 50% of won XP.

In a battle, other members of your Party will show up with a green name instead of a blue one.