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Premium[edit | edit source]

Premium is a temporary status for player accounts which gives double experience and robits earned in games, allows the use of 12 extra colors during bot editing, unlocks the top row in Salvage Crates, triples the robits earned when recycling robot parts, and allows the player to choose a custom avatar.

Pricing[edit | edit source]

Duration Price in $USD Price in €Euros Discount Listed
1 Day $1.19 €1.00 None
3 Days $2.99 €2.50 10%
1 Week $5.99 €5.00 20%
1 Month $10.99 €10.00 50%
3 Months $28.99 €25.00 70%
Lifetime $49.99 €40.00 Best Value

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are occasionally offers for premade bots coupled with premium, as was the case with the Madorc sale of the Wolfcopter and 3 months of premium and the Humble Bundle that included the Rhino-8 bot and 3 months of premium.
  • In the past if you had premium you would get early access to new cubes added in Robocraft. This feature has been discontinued due to fairness to non-premium players.
  • Occasionally there are events that offer free premium. These are usually announced on the forums and social media. These use Promotional codes.

Before, there was a special page on this Gamepedia. On that page, it was possible to see every code ever given in Robocraft. [[1]]