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Robocraft Wiki:Wiki Rules

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To Keep Robocraft wiki, a pleasent wiki for people and new players to learn about the game. Please follow these guidelines.


  • Anything that is not related to Robocraft, Robocraft Community, and Freejam completely or in some form or another will be deleted
  • Please do not spam the wiki with already existing topics.
  • This wiki IS NOT a place to write down your complaints about the game.
  • DO NOT remove any outdated information on the wiki! Everything is kept for historical purposes.
    • <Instead use the tag
    • Use that for outdated articles/ sections.


  • Be as unbiased and opinion free as possible.
    • Write in formal tone
  • Write in US English
  • If you are to expand an already existing article, please keep the tone consistent.
  • If you are to translate a page in to another language, read this before writing. http://robocraft.gamepedia.com/Robocraft_Wiki:Language_policy

Robot Archetypes guidelines

  • This is not a place to share you builds
    • Use an already existing site. Such as robocraft garage.
  • Check other topics for similarities
  • Repeated topics will be deleted.