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Robot Archetypes

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Robot Archetypes are very typical examples of certain robots. Choosing a archetype for your robot plays a major role in how you build and what strategy you forge. For example a robot that uses primarily Anti Air weaponry would be a AA archetype. Robots that primarily use Rail Cannons will fit the archetype of Sniper. I will list the most prevalent archetypes that people use in this game. I will also list beside it the archetype that will best counter that specific archetype. However, some archetypes can only be best countered by another robot of the same archetype. (For example, the best defense against a Sniper robot is a Sniper robot.)

Archetype Main Strategy Weak To Strong Against
Anti Air These types of robots excel in air defense weaponry. It is a 50/50 chance that they will need an ally to cover them because of their weak ground based damage. That other 50% chance is where they have secondary weaponry and they can hold their own against a ground attacker. Most ground robots Air based robots
Sniper These robots love to use rail cannons or laser leviathans. They particularly love to maintain a long distance from enemy robots. They are decent anti air vehicles, and they excel at destroying weapons. Most of the time they don't have a secondary weapon so they are bad when rushed. Sniper/Plasma/Laser Most air vehicles/all small vehicles
Shotgunner Robots of this archetype love using the ion distorter and ion disperser. They have to get very close to their target to actually execute an attack. 50% of the time they don't have a secondary weapon. Sniper/Air/Plasma All ground units
Melee This type of robot loves to use the Tesla series melee weapons. When they can afford it, they like to use the Ghost Module and Blink Module to gain a massive advantage over their foes. They also love to use primarily hover blades so 70% of them are really fast moving. Not a lot of these robots have secondary weapons because they want to remain fast and lightweight. Anything that can hit the Tesla weapons Anything that these robots can get close enough to
Shielder These robots primarily love to be the distraction for their team. They have lots and lots of strong electroshielding that can take massive amounts of damage. They usually wait for their teammates to get in positions for ambushing the enemy team, then they rush in the enemy area and draw enemies out where they get ambushed by aforementioned teammates. 95% of the time, these robots have absolutely NO weapons so they can cover themselves up in nothing but electroshielding. Anything that can destroy the electroshielding Nothing, they mostly have no weapons and relies on teammates to destroy the enemy
Air Support These types of robots love to use anything that flies (Planes, Helicopters, Hovers + Blink Module) and they attach long range weapons to their robot and provide air support in the form of air strikes, AA, healing, etc. They are usually very lightweight as to remain low on cpu cost for max weapon energy. Anti Air Many types of robots both ground and air
Plasma These robots are more of a damage dealer than a defender. They love using the plasma cannons to destroy the foe from afar. Many will use plasma goliathons to mercilessly attack their opponent. However, they usually run out of energy before they can do any useful damage. Anything that can fire faster than it and deal more damage than it Small ground forces and small air forces
Healer These robots are the "medics" of the robocraft universe. They love to use the Nano Constructer and go around healing teammates. They might have secondary weapons to defend themselves from ground forces other than that, they are relatively defenseless. Anything that can destroy its movement mechanisms Nothing really, primarily focused on healing teammates
Laser These bots love to use laser weapons as their main weapon of choice. We can all probably see why though: They can target specific areas of a robot, allowing them to destroy weapons, shields, movement mechanisms, etc. They usually move sort of fast, but they can also be more like a gunbed and have lots of weapons. Light Air units and Light Ground units Other laser units and some heavy units both air and ground.

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