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Land transportation

Skis are a type of movement, that provide easy sliding movement in the direction they are oriented with very little friction, both on ice and on normal land.

While not in and of themselves a true movement type, as they require another movement type to move, they are often used on Sled-style bots. A good propulsion method is thrusters, as they don't create nearly as much drag as wheels would, allowing for high speeds.

They are not very useful for large or heavy robots as they act only as poor weight distributors.

The skis come in two types, steering and straight. The difference is in the steering ski's ability rotate horizontally. The straight ski is also slightly longer.

Design Tips[edit | edit source]

Skis are effective for bots with low CPU (500-700) and an over-ranked gun or 2 as, in this CPU bracket, they still present decent HP while allowing for the placing of overtired SMG's, Rails, and other "big" guns like LoML, Flak, etc. They also make effective cheap landing gear for fliers in higher tiers providing an emergency escape options in case of a crash.

To make a stable yet fast sled, space one set of skis far apart on the bot. This will make it a lot more stable on turns. Having thrusters pointing in all directions makes for a very maneuverable sled.

When building with Skis you need to keep in mind that they are quite fragile. So when using them in CPU builds it is recommended to cover them up well as they are very frail in higher CPU class due to the low armor. You shouldn't use any less than 3 skis (2 in the front and 1 in the back or vice versa) as using any less will make it difficult to remain balanced and/or keep control at higher speeds.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Note that Steering and normal Skis both have the same stats:

Heal Rate
Mass (kg)
7,526 25 1.00 12.6

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Skis were released as a Christmas gift from Freejam.