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Special Cubes

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Movement Block
Special Block
Cosmetic Block

Special cubes are tools that provide additional (but nonessential) benefits to robots, with the exception of the pilot seat.

Anti-meter Equipment[edit | edit source]

Enemy Radar[edit | edit source]

  • Currently only in three versions.
  • Detects enemies near to you, and highlights them on your minimap, whilst making a "Beeping" sound, and pointing towards their direction.
  • Stacking radars helps you to detect robots with radar jammers better.
  • Will slowly spin around when no enemies are detected.
  • Looks really cool, so adds to cosmetic effects.

Radar Jammer[edit | edit source]

  • Stops you from showing up on enemy radars.
  • With only one of these on your robot, you will constantly flicker on and off of your enemies radars.
  • You can have both a radar and a jammer, they still both work.
  • Will rotate and beep when active much like the radar.
  • Uses the exact same model as the RP Collector did, only a different texture.

Radar Receiver[edit | edit source]

  • This will receive signals from your team's radars, if you are close enough to your team, or have very high level receivers.
  • They will beep and spin around when you are getting signal, like the radar and the jammer.
  • When you are far away from your team or they have all been wiped out, the receiver will stop spinning and make another "Beep" sound.
  • Stacking them will not have any effect, but it is useful if one gets shot off so you have spares, or cosmetic effects.

Advanced Modules[edit | edit source]

  • Takes a significant portion of power to use
  • Gives certain strategical advantages
  • Can be used to protect, evade, or attack
  • Effects cannot be stacked

All modules take up about a 3x3x3 space, cost around 150,000 robots, legendary class, and use up about 300 CPU

Disc Shield[edit | edit source]

Disc Shield.png

A temporary shield which provides cover from enemy fire while allies may fire through it. Lasts for about 8 seconds. Strategy - If two large platoons are dueling it out, activating this is a great way to make a push towards the enemy.

Blink[edit | edit source]


A teleportation device allowing the user to teleport to a short distance viewable location. Strategy - Is very good for last minute escapes when death is fairly assured.

Ghost[edit | edit source]

Ghost Module.png

A device allowing the user to temporary camouflage themselves, making them almost entirely translucent. Instead of using a set amount of power when activated, it will drain your existing power until depleted, which it will then shut off. Strategy - if you have been locked onto with missiles, activating this just before they hit you will make them lose their lock on you, while you escape.

Weapon Energy Module[edit | edit source]


Since the "Fast and Formidable" expansion (November 2016) the new "Weapon Energy Module" occupies one loadout slot and once activated in battle, it delivers the user a fixed amount of weapon energy in an instant. The amount of energy given equates to 100% of the weapon energy bar on a 2,000 CPU robot and 50% of the weapon energy bar on a 500 CPU robot.

The Weapon Energy Module stats/cost/rarity will remain the same as before the update, however it will now be subject to a 60 second cooldown. Depending on player and internal testing feedback, the cooldown rate may change.

It’s also worth noting that the Weapon Energy Module cannot be activated if a player’s weapon energy bar is already at 100%. Additionally, the Weapon Energy Module will not charge the weapon energy bar beyond 100% – there’s no over-clocking of the weapon energy bar here folks!

This module was previously known as the "Power Booster Module" that automatic boosted your power regeneration rate by 25%. (From about 10 seconds of full recharge to about 8). That game mechanics no longer applies.

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse)[edit | edit source]


This module allows the user to fire a beam at a designated spot, and about 3 seconds after the firing a clinical prism from the ground to the ceiling activates, shutting off all enemies robots in its blast. Power will deplete, movement devices won't work, weapons won't fire, basically everything is shut down. During this time you may easily pick off enemy robots just lying in the ground. More uses as an area denial weapon than for face to face combat. Great for shooting at protonium towers in battle arena mode. The EMP module was introduced on July 4th 2016 along with the "Enter The Shredzone" patch. Strategy - Great use with tesla bots, as once you shut off the enemy robots, you can easily ram them, killing them.

Looks a lot like the Ion cannon from Command & Conquer when used...

These cubes can be found in crates or bought with Robits.